Posted by: courtneyc15 | July 28, 2011


yo, peeps (:
Anyway, so today, I have a topic and that topic is Facebook! I have a lot to say on this one, guys, so you might have a lot to read!
First, I hate it when people post stuff so vague like “what a bad day” or “I can’t believe what you did”. A.) NO ONE CARES ABOUT IT! Don’t go announcing that kind of crap unless you’re going to give more information! It’s so flipping annoying!
Second, it annoys me when people in like middle school or high school say “married to…”! I mean, you are not even old enough to be married!! Also, “it’s complicated” is dumb too!
(btw, I’m sorry if any of this offends you..just speaking my mind here…:/)
Thirdly (is that even a word??), why do people “friend” people that A.) they hate, or B.) they don’t even know?! What is the point in that?! I’ll tell you: nothing! Who cares if someone has more “friends” than you! They probably don’t even know half of them!
Hmmmm, fourthly, I HATE the pictures of the girls with all the kissey faces and the pictures where your butt is right in front of the camera! I did not log on to see your butt or how you look when a you kiss someone! No wonder guys close their eyes!(:
So, overall, I think Facebook is dumb! But I have one and I must say that it has been kinda cool, so I’m half and half(: comment with your opinion and I’ll mention you in my next post! (:

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