Posted by: courtneyc15 | July 31, 2011

Justin Bieber

okay, so my subject today is Justin Bieber.
Another subject that I have a lot to say about…fun..
So, first, I think that his voice isn’t that bad anymore, considering it dropped a good bit, but I still can’t get past how annoyingly high pitched his first songs were! It was awful. But I guess it’s a lot better now and I give him credit for that (:
Second, I hate how he never just likes a girl or has a simple crush. Noooo, he’s always in “love”. But I gotta give him credit, his songs are very catchy. Just kinda annoying. No offense, to any “Beliebers”.
Thirdly, I think it’s kinda awkward that he’s dating Selena and she’s two years older than him. Now, that might now make her a cougar, but I think it’d be real awkward..
So, basically, I don’t have Bieber Fever, but to anyone who does, I don’t want you to take this offensively. I just have a particular dislike to him. And Rebecca Black.
But that’s a blog for another day (:

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